Italian Brides: Find Top Reasons To Meet Italian Women

Italian Brides: Find Top Reasons To Meet Italian Women

Italian Brides: Discover Mail Order Brides From Italy Online

Every man wants to have a woman who’ll make him happier? With an ideal wife, it’s not impossible. Where to find such a perfect wife candidate? You better start with Italian brides. Get to know them better with this guide on Italian women.

What’s So Unique About Italian Women?

A typical woman from Italy is a combination of charm, elegance, and femininity in one person. That sounds great. Unlike other European women, Italian mail order brides are family-oriented, explaining why so many men desire to find them. Discover more about them and find out where you can meet Italian women.

Characteristics of Italian Brides

Italian women are born for marriage. Thus, dating them is an incredible experience, but what do you know about them? Italian brides are among the most popular brides. It’s time to understand why it’s so. Here are their main features allowing them to be widely known:

  • Gorgeous look. Do you know ladies like Alessia Fabiani, Melissa Satta, Elisabetta Gregoraci, or Giorgia Palmas? Besides being Italian women, these ladies are amazingly gorgeous, which is quite common among mail order bride from Italy.
  • Fans of great food. Italian women are keen on good food. Italian restaurants are popular worldwide, but why not try a part of Italian cuisine by marrying an Italian woman for marriage?
  • Fans of football. There are many sports that are popular in Italy, but none of them can rival football. No doubt your future wife will be a fan of a team popular in Italy and around the globe.
  • Romantic ladies. Italy can be called to be the cradle of romanticism. It’s not surprising, because the sonata comes from Italy. So, if you’re looking for the most romantic ladies in the world, your destination should be Italy.
  • Coffee and wine drinkers. These drinks are the most popular ones in Italy. If you’re looking for a cup of good coffee or great wine, you better take a trip to Italy. Or ask your Italian girlfriend to help with finding a good place to drink.
  • Ladies of La Famiglia. What did we learn from The Godfather? La Famiglia, or family, is everything. Indeed, family ties in Italy are strong. Thus, you can be lucky to become a part of such strong bonds.
  • Keen on public affection. Being shy about showing their emotions isn’t about Italian women. These ladies are no strangers to showing their emotions, especially physical. PDA is quite common in Italy, proving their keenness on showing their sentiments.

If you’re convinced that an Italian woman like Cristina Chiabotto can be an ideal wife, you need to know how to get married. Before your marriage, get to know some interesting wedding traditions you may want to use.

Italian Wedding Traditions

Italy has always been a place where emotional and superstitious people lived. Besides, it’s one of the most romantic places at the same time. Thus, it’s no wonder why Italian weddings are so colorful and full of different traditions. What’s more, you should note that traditions might vary from one region to another. Time to look at the lowdown of some traditions you might find interesting:

  • Date of the wedding. There are many countries where the date of the wedding is taken seriously. Italy is such a place. For example, it’s not common to see an Italian wedding on Friday. This day of the week is believed to bring bad luck. Instead, the best day for a wedding is considered Sunday.
  • Luck seekers. As was mentioned, Italian people are really superstitious. Thus, both the bride and groom will do their best to do the things that bring good luck. In some cases, it’s about wearing iron in the pockets.
  • Having the first look. This is quite an odd but funny tradition. In many cities of Italy, it’s considered to be bad luck if the bride looks at herself before the wedding takes place. Thus, mirrors are avoided at all costs.
  • Buying flowers. In Italian culture, a man is expected to take care of his family. Thus, the groom is expected to pay for the flowers. In some regions of Italy, the groom gives flowers during the ceremony in the church.
  • Bomboniere. What does this Italian word mean? It’s a type of gift given to the guests. Such a gift is a sign of gratitude shown by the newlywed couple. Mainly, it includes confetti, which should be odd in number. Otherwise, it’s considered a bad sign.
  • Garter or shoe-throwing. After the official ceremony takes place, there’s a tradition of garter throwing. The groom takes the bride’s garter and throws it to the guests. Whenever the garter is absent, then the groom takes the shoe of his bride.
  • Cutting a tie. During the reception, it’s common to cut the groom’s tie into small pieces. Then, every piece is sold to guests. It’s made to collect money for the newlywed couple. Such contributions might help cover many expenses of the couple.
  • There are a lot more traditions you can discover in Italy. And at the end of each wedding, the couple breaks the glass vase. Pieces of that vase will indicate the years the bride and groom will be together.

    Italian Brides: What Makes Them so Desirable?

    Many Western men want to meet Italian women and marry them. What’s more, many women from Italy are also interested in marrying foreigners. This can be explained by the increasing number of Italian mail-order brides. But why do they become international brides?

    Why become Italian mail order brides?

    There are many reasons why a woman from Italy can be interested in an international marriage. Reasons can be very different: from financial to social ones. Still, one of the main reasons is about getting a proper husband who’ll treat their ladies kindly, respectfully, and patiently.

    Another reason is domestic violence which continues to be a prevalent problem in Italy. For an Italian lady, it’s a chance to escape such a problem by marrying a foreigner. Still, no matter what motivates beautiful Italian brides, you can be a lucky person to get your Italian wife right now.

    Why get Italian brides?

    An Italian womanis a perfect wife. This is true. But how come one can be sure about it? When you do research about Italian people and their culture, you’ll notice the following features making Italian brides popular among international mail order wives:

    • Feminine nature. Italian ladies want to be treated like ladies, and they’re not interested in feministic values at all.
    • Traditional values. A desire to have a family is rooted in the mindsets of many Italian women for marriage.
    • Emotional expression. Italians aren’t good at hiding their emotions. It means you’re liked by them, you won’t have to spend your time guessing. She’ll make it clear to you.

    Are Italian mail order brides real?

    It’s not surprising that you can wonder about the real chances of meeting a real Italian when there are so many scams. Thus, if you want to be sure to meet real Italian mail order brides, you need to choose a good dating agency. Otherwise, you’ll have a higher chance of being scammed.

    Pros and Cons Of Italian Wives

    Living with a lady like Vanessa Hessler can be a dream of many men. Perhaps, that’s why you need to get a wife from Italy. But what else do you know about life with Italian mail order brides?

    Pros of Italian women for marriage

    An Italian woman isn’t just a lady with a stunning appearance. She’s also a good mother, devoted wife, and reliable friend. What’s more, life with an Italian wife is great due to the following aspects:

    • Passionate relationship. Italian women are great in bed. If you want a hot wife who’ll never get bored at night, you better rush to find a wife from Italy.
    • Considerate ladies. Italian wives are good partners, and this is because of their considerate nature. They know when and how to support you.
    • Lots of food. An Italian woman is a great cook. It means you’ll get a chance to taste food like pizza, lasagne, gelato, pesto alla Genovese, and so on.
    • Clarity in their expectations. A life with an Italian woman is always clear. She always lets you know what she wants from you. This makes life easier.

    A life with Italian women is always intriguing and exciting. They’ll do their best to make your life decent and colorful.

    Cons of Italian ladies

    No one is perfect, and that’s why pencils have erasers. This is a good quote about people, as indeed, no one can be 100% ideal. Neither do Italian women. Here are some challenges of living with them:

    • Jealous women. Italian women are known for their jealousy. You better be careful not to make them jealous to avoid conflicts.
    • Bad tempered ladies. They can easily get angry at you. The good news is that they calm down easily and fast.
    • Superstitious women. Although these women are smart, they can’t resist believing in superstitions, and some of them are really weird. If something goes not the way you want, it might be the evil eye. So, patience is your power.

    In fact, it’s hard to say that there are many challenges of living with Italian women. Instead, there are many more positive things about them.

    Where to Meet Italian Mail Order Brides?

    A life with an Italian wife is undeniable, which leads to the question of where to find them. Why not get a ticket and fly to Italy? There are great places where you can meet singles waiting for your attention.

    Great places to visit in Italy

    When in Italy, you might get stuck as to which place you better visit. There are so many cool places with cool activities to offer. Still, here are some of the greatest places you have to visit:

    • Rome. It’s the capital city. No need to say that there are so many historic associations with this city. What’s more, it’s a city where you can find great locations during the daytime and nighttime.
    • Florence. If you’re looking for one of the most romantic places, perhaps you need to visit this city. It’s a great place where you can witness the enormity of charming churches and palaces reminiscent of the past.
    • Venice. While people are amazed to visit the cities full of cobblestone streets, how about visiting a city full of water streets? Or better say streets full of water. This is possible in Venice.
    • Milan. People interested in design, fashion, modern architecture, and shopping must visit this place. It’s an extraordinary location where you can meet smart, interesting, and funny singles.

    Many more cities are worth discovering, so how to ensure that you don’t get lost? Your solution can be romance tours.

    Romance tours to Italy

    These tours are guided ones. Agencies help you meet women for marriage in person. You pick a lady from a catalog and get a chance to meet her. After a while, you may decide whether you want to continue or not.

    Online dating

    Why choose online dating? There are mainly 3 reasons for that. The first one is about the convenience you’ll get. You simply don’t need to travel anywhere. Secondly, it’s about being an affordable option, which can’t be said about romance tours. Finally, it’s about the following dating services:

    • Creating a personal account and profile;
    • Browsing photo and video galleries of Italian women;
    • Searching for an ideal match with specially designed tools;
    • Communication tool like chat, email, and audio calls;
    • A chance to have a video call;
    • Sending virtual and real gifts or flowers.

    Final Thoughts

    Who are Italian brides? They’re as sexy as Monica Bellucci and really intelligent, not to mention that they’re kind, polite, and passionate. Why not get your chance to meet and date your future life partner from Italy right now? Find a good dating site to start.

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